Thursday, February 15, 2007

What I Hear in Confessions

I heard confessions today.

What I hear most often in confessions is people’s goodness:
-- People like you and me desiring to rebuild damaged relationships.
-- People like you and me wanting to restore some order to their lives.
-- People like you and me wanting what is good, not what is just expedient or the good-enough or the dull daily routine.

I hear people’s wisdom: “I don’t regret doing the thing I did because I learned from the mistake, and now I know I regret having done it and resolve not to do it again.” “I knew that I didn’t want to behave that way, and now I understand how I can avoid that way of behaving.”

I hear people’s courage: “I want to make things better…” “I will ask God to help me.”

Name a time today you acted out of your goodness, your wisdom, your courage.

Thank the Lord and ask him to help you keep up the good work tomorrow.

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