Thursday, February 15, 2007

God Blessed Them Through You

A Jewish friend married a woman of Christian background some time ago. A rabbi presided, and at the reception the families and friends rejoiced, ate and danced. The unity that the bride and groom promised one another flowed over everyone. A friend greeted the couple warmly afterwards and said with great feeling, “I don’t know if Jesus was here today, but God certainly was!”

Family and friends from many parts of my past attended my priestly ordination. Few of them knew one another prior to the ordination, and a number of them were doubtful about “religion” in any form. But by the end of the day we all felt a kinship, a bondedness that was peaceful and fulfilling to us all, and those most doubtful about “religion” were the most moved.

God’s presence brings union among the disparate and healing among the estranged.
We have only to engage one another in hope and blessing – sometimes in words, more often in intention and desire, most often in actions.

Whom did you bless today? In words or in deeds? Whom might you bless tomorrow?

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