Thursday, February 15, 2007

Introduction to this Blog - Welcome!

Welcome !

God looks for us in the concrete details of our daily lives. “God works and labors for me in all creatures upon the face of the earth, that is, he conducts himself as one who labors…He gives (us) being, confers life and sensation…” says St Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises. God wants relationship with us.

Have you seen God looking for you?

The following posts are quite brief – shorter than this Introduction. I hope they will give you little hints or inspirations about God in your life. And, I know from experience – God is looking for you.

Please feel welcome to leave a comment – to encourage other readers and me. Church becomes real as we help one another.

Please visit my two other blogs: The Good News, providing posts on Catholic themes and my experiences of Christ in my life.

Living Christ's Eucharist in Our Daily Lives, offering nine posts that link Jesus’ experience of Passion, Death and Resurrection to our experience of suffering, death and resurrection in the world and so in the Eucharist.

Thank you for your visit. May Christ – our ultimate hope and friend – bless us all!


Adoro te Devote said...

My Goodness, Father, you have GOT to have the most ubiquitous blogging habits of anyone out there! :-)

I just added this link to my fav's, too, will later add to my sidebar.

Fr. Ben Hawley, SJ said...

good and devoted friend,

i can't help it. the Spirit keeps pouring into me. i sit down, wonder what to do next, and an idea pops into my head. so i write it down. and good people like you come along and read it, leave me a comment, and so inspire me to do more.

the Spirit is always at work in our lives. the faith journey is being attentive to that still, small voice. and the Church is the collection of us on the journey united by the One Spirit into the One Body.

thanks for your encouragement!

Adoro te Devote said...

Father Hawley,

I'm also appreciative of your comments.

God Bless!


teresa_anawim said...

and I had no idea this blog existed until today!
Thank you for sharing this blog with us!