Saturday, March 10, 2007

More on Getting Unstuck

At mass yesterday morning the priest said, “God writes straight with crooked lines.” I’ve heard this before, and I know it’s true. But, it’s hard to live this out because the people around me create the “crooked lines” by their problematic behavior.

“I’m stuck,” I said in my last post. “I’m stuck” by people writing in crooked lines around me.

I have seen God’s “writing” in the events of my life. But what struck me this morning was that this statement is both a factual statement – “writing straight” is what God does. And it is a faith statement – I believe that “writing straight” is what God does with the “crooked lines” written by the people around me.

Since this “crooked” writing threatens my hope for what could be, I know that knowing isn’t enough. I need to believe it too. And this is the hard part.

The believing happens deep inside me, and God’s presence deep inside me can keep the anxiety away. Faith is God’s gift to us. So when I feel anxious, I breathe deeply and get in touch with what I believe. And on the good days I can feel God there with me. On the other days I keep breathing – and believing – as much as I can.

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